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Google Summer of Code Final Report Part 2

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To be honest, things get kind of boring when you just write tests. To fix this, I wanted to do something more…. visually pleasing. Here are some of the work I did with VLC for iOS, which uses VLCKit as its backend :D


1. Tutorial screens

This required a lot of bouncing off ideas from lead designer, Louis. After about 3~4 feedback rounds from Louis, the designs started to take shape.

The purpose of the screens below are to teach the user the main features of VLC for iOS.

Tutorial screens

2. Application launch screens

With the new UI in the progress, the launchscreen was desperately in need of an upgrade. The design itself is simple but the number of different screens Apple requires is ridiculous!

Launch screens

And 11 more that look exactly the same!

Pull Requests

  1. Automated framed screenshots
  2. Empty view for media library view
  3. Settings view
  4. CI: Cache installed pods
  5. Modally present About view
  6. Launchscreen: New design
  7. Settings: tableView section separator
  8. README: Add link to beginners guide
  9. Settings: Actionsheet
  10. Fix Settings view (closes #268)